Access Control


Yes, all systems are managed via back-up battery systems. Client request determines system operations.

Landmar offers a wide variety of access control which meets the modern environment.  For more information, please contact the relevant contact person.

Yes, Landmar offers monitoring facilities through off-site monitoring.  For more information, please contact the relevant contact person.

Yes. Landmar can install your gate motor and assist with maintenance and repairs.

Security Systems



Yes, systems are supported by back-up battery systems.

All installers are PSIRA certified with extensive experience in alarm installation and maintenance.

Electric Fencing

Landmar will assess all properties and make the relevant recommendations to ensure the most suitable electric fence.

Landmar will carefully assess the premises and specific requirements of every client and will recommend the most suitable electric fence to meet individual and or corporate requirements.

Yes, battery back-up systems are available.

Other services

Yes, Landmar is able to assist you with all forms of gates, palisade fencing and other measures to secure your property.




The CCTV systems is directly connected to incoming power, but a UPS system can be installed to ensure uninterrupted coverage.

Landmar offers off-site monitoring, for more information please refer to Monitoring.

Yes, Landmar offers an annual inspection and report on the status of all CCTV equipment.

Off-Site Monitoring

Landmar control room operates 24/7 with optional monitoring from 6:00 to 18:00.

Landmar control room is fully functional during loadshedding, and monitoring can continue if the client has a UPS or back-up system.

Landmar assesses each client’s specific needs and will tailor-make a package to meet your needs.

Yes. Client feedback reported Landmar off-site monitoring to have reduced the costs of security as well as the effective reporting/escalation of security threats.

Construction – Bricks & Mortar



Yes, Landmar is registered with the NHBRC.

Yes. Landmar works in conjunction with registered engineers and draftsman and architectural services can be provided on request.

Yes. Landmar is skilled in full project management and turnkey project management.

Yes. Landmar has a dedicated professional and fully skilled team that installs drywalling and rhinolite.

Yes. Landmar will manage your project from foundation to handover and ensure a turn-key project that meets your needs.

Yes. Landmar has experience in building warehouses according to client specifications in KZN, NW and Gauteng.

Yes. Landmar can provide construction services across all provinces.


Yes.  Landmar’s team of electricians are certified and able to provide COC’s for new and existing electrical installations.

Commercial, industrial and residential.

Landmar works in conjunction with some of the leading specialists in generator installations and will assist with the project management of any generator or alternative energy resources.

Project Management – Facility Management


Landmar has a dedicated team that will attend to all maintenance and upkeep of your commercial, industrial or residential property.

Landmar will contact you to assess your needs within 24 hours of having received your call.

Yes. All Landmar teams are fully skilled and experienced in their specific areas of expertise. 

Project Management – Painting Projects


Yes. Landmar teams have H&S accreditation for painting at heights.

Landmar uses the best quality paints for your project requirements and consults with leading brands to ensure your paintwork meets the requirements to be aesthetically pleasing and to ensure longevity.

Project Management – Plumbing Projects


Yes. Landmar sub-contracts a dedicated team of registered and professional plumbers who can attend to your emergency call outs.  All plumbers are PIRB registered.

Yes. The Landmar team can assist with new installations and maintenance or emergency requirements.

No. Landmar can assist you with your commercial, industrial or residential plumbing needs.

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