With an exceptional and skilled team Landmar will ensure that your building electrical requirements from foundation to handover is completed in a professional, compliant and effective manner. Our team includes qualified builders, artisans, electricians, plumbers and project managers. We have extensive experience in refurbishing healthcare facilities on a national basis. We do not only specialise in commercial and industrial building but can also assist with residential building projects. Landmar prides itself that the Rhinolite and Drywalling teams which are on board are some of the most skilled artisans in their field and have delivered exceptional quality in new developments as well as refurbishments.

Whether it is a new development, turn-key, renovation or refurbishment, our team is fully capable of taking your building project to new heights.



Yes.  Landmar’s team of electricians are certified and able to provide COC’s for new and existing electrical installations.

Commercial, industrial and residential.

Landmar works in conjunction with some of the leading specialists in generator installations and will assist with the project management of any generator or alternative energy resources.

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