Security Solutions

Access Control

Booms, turnstiles, facial recognition systems (FRS), fingerprint access, key card access and a variety of access control measures to address the modern day issues which clients may face from a security perspective.

Alarm Systems

With exceptional technical skill and knowledge of crime prevention Landmar will assist its clients to install the most reliable and effective alarm system.


Control rooms are in direct contact with the client’s armed response company giving the client an added level of security and comfort that premises are protected against invasion, theft or threat.

Electric Fencing

The Landmar team with more than 30 years’ experience in policing and security will provide you with a full security assessment and recommendation

Offsite Monitoring

Landmar has a dedicated control room situated in the West Rand which monitors facilities on a national basis with the latest motion sensor and pop-up technology (Hik Vision) allowing client premises to be under 24/7 surveillance.

Products We Use

Hik Vision



Yes, systems are supported by back-up battery systems.

All installers are PSIRA certified with extensive experience in alarm installation and maintenance.

Electric Fencing

Landmar will assess all properties and make the relevant recommendations to ensure the most suitable electric fence.

Landmar will carefully assess the premises and specific requirements of every client and will recommend the most suitable electric fence to meet individual and or corporate requirements.

Yes, battery back-up systems are available.

Other services

Yes, Landmar is able to assist you with all forms of gates, palisade fencing and other measures to secure your property.


The CCTV systems is directly connected to incoming power, but a UPS system can be installed to ensure uninterrupted coverage.

Landmar offers off-site monitoring, for more information please refer to Monitoring.

Yes, Landmar offers an annual inspection and report on the status of all CCTV equipment.

Off-Site Monitoring

Landmar control room operates 24/7 with optional monitoring from 6:00 to 18:00.

Landmar control room is fully functional during loadshedding, and monitoring can continue if the client has a UPS or back-up system.

Landmar assesses each client’s specific needs and will tailor-make a package to meet your needs.

Yes. Client feedback reported Landmar off-site monitoring to have reduced the costs of security as well as the effective reporting/escalation of security threats.

Security Solutions

Governance & Regulations

In providing these services Landmar operates within the policies and guidelines of various regulatory bodies.
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